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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
mycq::BinDataBinary data structure for Binary and VarBinary types
mycq::ColumnRepresent a column information
mycq::CQManagerManages continuous queries of MyCQ Server
mycq::CQResultQueueProvides methods for using a CQResult queue in a MyCQ Server
mycq::LoginUserInfoLogin User Information
mycq::MessageSet or Get message values
mycq::MyCQClientProvides methods for connecting and closing to a MyCQ Server
mycq::MyCQExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when CMyCQClient, CUserManager, CQueueManager and CCQManager are not able to complete a operation
mycq::MyCQFactoryProvides methods for getting MyCQClient instance and QueueSchema instance
mycq::OnGetHandlerAsynchronous message get handler class. (you can implement your own asynchronous message get handler by inheritance of this class)
mycq::P2PQueueProvides methods for using a P2P queue in a MyCQ Server
mycq::QueueManagerManages queues of a MyCQ Server
mycq::QueueSchemaMakes or represents columns of a queue schema
mycq::TopicQueueProvides methods for using a TOPIC queue in a MyCQ Server
mycq::UserInfoUser Information
mycq::UserManagerManages users of a MyCQ Server
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