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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
MyCQ.ColumnRepresent a column information
MyCQ.CQManagerManages continuous queries of a MyCQ Server
MyCQ.CQResultQueueProvides methods for using a CQResultQueue in a MyCQ Server
MyCQ.MessageSet or Get message values
MyCQ.MyCQClientProvides methods for connecting and closing to a MyCQ Server and gets the UserManager, QueueManager, CQManager
MyCQ.MyCQExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when MyCQClient, UserManager, QueueManager and CQManager are not able to complete a operation
MyCQ.MyCQFactoryProvides methods for getting MyCQClient instance and QueueSchema instance
MyCQ.OnGetHandlerAsynchronous message get handler class. You can implement your own asynchronous message get handler by inheritance of this class
MyCQ.P2PQueueProvides methods for using a P2PQueue in a MyCQ Server
MyCQ.QueueManagerManages queues of a MyCQ Server
MyCQ.QueueSchemaMakes or represents columns of a QueueSchema
MyCQ.TopicQueueProvides methods for using a TopicQueue in a MyCQ Server
MyCQ.UserInfoUserInfo class
MyCQ.UserManagerManages users of a MyCQ Server
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